Consulting - Pacific Office Solutions

As your business grows you may encounter specific areas of need that require our professional consulting services.

Government – A major problem for many businesses is meeting full government compliance in payroll, HST, and end of year tax returns. We work actively to get businesses caught up on missed filings and may liaise with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency on your behalf. We act as advisors to keep all of our clients compliant to avoid paying unnecessary penalties. The money saved from penalties is often adequate to cover our bookkeeping fees.

Efficiency Evaluation – You may be performing your own bookkeeping but aren’t sure if you are entering the information correctly or you have specific questions about your accounting software program. You may request an assessment of your existing accounting practices and recommendations for improving your effectiveness. At Pacific Office Solutions, we will show you time-saving tips to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Fiscal Year End Cleanup – Often we are consulted to review and reconcile the fiscal yearend accounts to verify the accuracy of the data before forwarding them to the accountant for preparation of the financials and tax returns. You will save money in expensive accountant’s fees by ensuring that your records are organized and accurate before the accountant receives them.

Analysis Reports – As your business grows, so may your demand for higher level reporting from your computerized accounting system. We can design and generate unlimited reports to further optimize the usefulness of your software program including customized sales invoicing templates, sales and profitability reports by dept/item/sales rep, inventory control, job costing, or budget variance reports, to name a few.

Key Performance Indicators – In conjunction with the above services, our mission is to educate and teach you to understand the meaning and significance of your financials and to empower you to take charge of your finances to increase your cash flow and profits.

Your financials hold vital clues to the fiscal health of your company and offer the answers to such questions as: Are you charging enough for your products and services? Are you making a profit? What is your break-even point? How is your financial performance this year as compared to this time last year or previous years? Where your cash is tied up and why is the bank account so low?

Successful businesses set performance targets and measure their progress along the way to assure great outcomes. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as average dollar cost per sale, gross profit margin, and budgets and variances identify specific areas to track and measure. Selecting the right KPIs for your business and industry will help to improve your business performance.