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Are your accounting processes causing you stress and frustration?

Are they ineffective and unreliable?

Have you outgrown the spreadsheets you use to track your business activities?setup-and-training

Learn to track your own business revenue and expenses quickly and easily on a computerized accounting program. Invest a few hours of training in QuickBooks or Simply Accounting and gain substantial savings in time, money, and expensive end-of-the-year accountant fees.

For many years we have trained sole proprietors, owners of incorporated companies, and husband and wife partnerships. Through our practical, direct and effective training services, these businesses are now consistently tracking their financial performance and confidently making informed decisions that improve their cash flow and profits.

Our certified trainers provide hands-on instruction that is customized to your business needs. In just a few sessions you will learn how to:

  • Set up and customize a chart of accounts specific to your business categories
  • Create and edit customer and vendor lists
  • Post sales invoices and track customer payments
  • Enter supplier bills and make bill payments
  • Post bank deposits and withdrawals
  • Perform monthly reconciliations
  • Produce financial reports including income (profit & loss) statements, balance sheets, aged A/R and A/P reports, and HST reports
  • Set up payroll items, employees, and process payrolls and extended benefits (optional)

All our programs are eligible for government grants.  Eligible participants may recover up to 67% of their costs.  Here are the detailed list of training programs we offer:

Financial Analysis is ideal for business owners who want to learn the fundamentals of successfully managing the financial growth of their business. This course is designed to include essential steps required for every business to budget for one-time and ongoing costs, practical planning tools for revenue building and cash flow. The Advanced business analysis reflects how your numbers are impacting your growth and success. The curriculum includes 7 components as listed. Download detailed curriculum here.

BE101 – Comprehensive is ideal for business owners who are looking to have 360 degree perspective on everything they need to know about bookkeeping software applications for their business. This course is designed to include a comprehensive overview of all bookkeeping software functionality and related operational management activities and achieve full government compliance. The program spans over one year including a minimum of 3 hours per quarter for training reviews. It also includes effective tax planning strategies. Download detailed curriculum here.

BE101 – Full enables participants to learn how to track their own business revenue and expenses utilizing a reputable computerized accounting software. The course’s approach enables participants to eliminate the fear of uncertainty and gain greater control over their business financials, utilizing bookkeeping software, to achieve business success. The curriculum includes 5 components as listed. Download detailed curriculum here.

BE101 – Deluxe will enable participants to stay on top of and maintain control of their finances through the mastery of their bookkeeping software. This knowledge is critical to any business success. By regularly monitoring sales, receivables, expenditures and profitability, business owners can foresee potential problems, reduce hidden costs, capitalize on unrecognized savings, and uncover new opportunities for growth. Our certified trainers provide practical hands – on instruction customized to specific business needs – clients learn full-cycle bookkeeping using their own company books, not a sample company.  The curriculum includes 7 components as listed.  (20 hours). Download detailed curriculum here.

BE101 – Light.  This simplified program is ideal for new business start-ups.  It teaches bookkeeping basics and provides a streamlined process to help businesses manage their bookkeeping functions efficiently and accurately utilizing reputable bookkeeping software.  From the very beginning, owners will develop the skills to get on top of their bookkeeping and hit the ground running.  This curriculum includes 4 components as listed. Download detailed curriculum here.